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About JR Aluminium

JR. Aluminium and Glass is a family-owned and operated establishment since 1988. We take pride in the exceptional craftsmanship and skillful techniques, gathered over decades of experience in providing homes, offices and factories with our quality service.

Our expertise, apart from the various types of conventional doors and windows, are bifolding doors, glass walls (curtain walls), glass roof (sky light), glasshouses (greenhouses), folding bug screens, and euro-style/system doors and windows. We also offer minor metalworks and conventional bugscreens to accompany our main service to provide a more complete solution for our customers.

We aim to provide you, our customers, quality materials and skilled service to the best of our abilities. And of course, at a fair price.

Our Products

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Specialization and Why Use JR

Over the decades of operations, JR. ALuminium & Glass has nurtured the required technical skills to produce quality products and adopted systems to efficiently deliver and install those products for our customers.

Precision is key to our quality. We pay close attention to details to best perfect both our products and service. Measurements are made down to the millimeter, surroundings are observed and factored in, and our products are produced accordingly.

Prefabrication is key to our swiftness. Our products are pre-fabricated in our workshop prior to installation. This not only reduces on-site installation time, but also reduces both noise and space required to operate on site.

Professionalism is our promise to our customers. We take as much responsibility as we take pride in our work and offer our customers one full year of limited warranty* for our products and installation service. And after that, maintenance and repairs are offered at minimal costs.

*The only limitation on our warranty is the damage to glass surfaces due to misuse, accidents, man-made disasters and natural disasters.



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